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Title: Resource-agnostic programming for many-core microgrids
Author(s): T.A.M. Bernard, C. Grelck, M.A. Hicks, C.R. Jesshope, R. Poss
Publication Date: October 2010
Publication Type: Conference Workshop
Book Title: Highly Parallel Processing on a Chip (HPPC)
Publisher: Springer
Location: Berlin, Germany
Abstract: Many-core architectures are now a commercial reality, but programming them efficiently is still a challenge, especially if the mix is heterogeneous. Here the issue of granularity must be addressed, i.e. when to make use of concurrency resources and when not to.

We have designed a data-driven, fine-grained concurrent execution model (SVP) that captures concurrency in a resource-agnostic way. Our approach separates the concerns of describing a concurrent computation from its mapping and scheduling.

We have implemented this model as a novel many-core architecture programmed with a language called $mu$TC.

In this paper we demonstrate how we achieve the goal of resource-agnostic programming on this target, where heterogeneity is exposed as arbitrary clusters of cores.

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